Saturday, 28 November 2015

End of the lust4rust trip,

Final dive for the folks from Black Cat Divers who initially invited me to join there Lust4Rust trip about 18 months ago so a very big thank you to Jez & Michele for thinking of me.

The dive was on the Nippo Maru a 107m cargo/passenger vessel fitted out to supply water to Truk and some of the tanks still remain in the forward holds. When she was sunk she also had a deck cargo of trucks, a 2 medium tank,105mm howitzers on the aft deck and artillery equipment, shells and mines in the aft holds. 

The wreck sits in about 45m of water so is a very relaxing dive on a rebreather over an hour investigating the wreck including the engine room which can be exited quite low because of the torpedo hole in her side. Both the holds and accommodation areas are all very easily accessible with plenty of light and alternative exits clearly visible. The bridge on this wreck is very open with large windows to swim through and still as the wheel pedestal and engine room  telegraph.

All in all a very nice wreck to be finishing the Lust4rust trip on.

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