Tuesday, 17 November 2015

First Days Diving

Finally got wet :) check dive on the Heian Maru which is a 155m cargo liner that was used as a submarine tender. The wreck is on its port side and provides a number of swim throughs into the holds and various passageways. Lots of artefacts including periscopes, and torpedoes.

The second dive was on the Fujikawa Maru a 130m wreck sitting upright. Since my last visit there has been a lot of damage to the midships accommodation which has almost completely collapsed in to the engine room which was very sad to see. There are a lot of interesting features on this wreck the breach loading guns on both the fore deck and stern which were made in the UK in the late 1800s. In the holds there are a number zero fighters that were being unloaded when the Americans struck. 

General diving suff. While there are a number of divers on the Lust4Rust trip Pete has split the divers in to groups with similar equipment and ability so there are around 6 people on each of the dive boats and only one boat goes to a wreck at any one time which works very well. The visibility is not quite as good as my last trip at around 15m, the temperature in the water is around 28deg which is very present considering the air temperature is around 32deg which gets hot & sticky in a wet suit on the way out to dive site.

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