Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Second day diving

The first dive today was on the Momokawa  Maru which is a small freighter around 100m long. The ship survived the first days attack by the Americans but was bombed again on the second day of the operation, she sank on her port side and sits in about 40m of water. The accommodation area is easily accessible but a little disorienting as every thing is on its side and artefacts can still be seen. The exit is through the bridge which still has the helm and telegraph. The ship was partly unloaded when it sank and only the forward holds have any equipment in them but artillery shells and plane parts can be seen. 

The second dive was on the Gosei Maru which is another small freighter  around 80m like the Momokawa she is also resting on her port side. The vessel was sunk on the first day from a torpedo which struck no 1 hold on the stbd side. What makes this wreck interesting is the way the is resting on a slope with the bow at 36m but the stern is only in about 13m so the props and rudder sit around 8m because of this the aft part of the ship is covered in soft coral and very beautiful and home to schools of many small fish. 

Tomorrow should prove to be an interesting day, there is a tropical storm heading this way and to be honest it's already quite windy and just started to rain, so diving is unlikely but it should prove to be an interesting experience none the less so I'll keep you posted. 

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  1. Hmm I could have done some of that on nitrox

    Still it's 3 day camel ride to get there ......but have fun !! X