Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lust4Rust a 5 star setup

Had a few days off the blog with the end of Pete Meslys Lust4Rust trip people have started to leave a big bunch left on Sunday and a few more today, there are now only 5 of the original 33 left and on Friday it will just be me.

A few things about Lust4Rust. The setup Pete has at the Blue Lagoon Resort is really very good and while the main facility's are there for those who want to do the deeper wrecks both OC and CCR there is provision for those coming out diving single tank on air or nitrox, and the boat spilt up provides different groups with wrecks with in the limits of their diving. Most boats only have around 6 divers and only very occasionally did two boats have to go to the same wreck and then there was alway an arrival time difference to ensure there was no over crowding.

Gas fills have been spot on with the O2 membrane unit and trimix bank that now provides O2 at around 94% and 16/45 trimix fills have been very consistent and even my Poseidon didn't complain once . 

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