Monday, 23 November 2015

San Francisco again

Back out to the San Fran again but this is no hardship, if I could only ever dive one wreck ever again it would be the San Fran. As it was the second dive it was not as rushed and I spent almost all the time in the forward holds thick have the trucks, bombs and beach mines and on the 3 tanks. Every time you dive this wreck you find something new. 

As it was another long deep dive I went for a paddle around the resort in one of the Blue Lagoon kayaks, not as easy as it sounds as they only have single blade paddles so lots of time going round in circles. I did finally get a close look at the landing craft off to the right of the jetty and was surprised to find it was ex US Army no Japanese, there is also a bulldozer half in the mangrove which I had not noticed before. 

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