Friday, 13 November 2015


Manila hasn't changed traffic jams, car horns and scary taxi rides but every thing has gone as planned. A trip to Phil Tec this morning to order and arrange shipping for 100kg of sofnolime to Cebu for the diving after Truk and a lazy afternoon by the pool at the Dusit. 

Phil Tec seem like a nice outfit and well set up to support both OC & rebreather technical diving with what appeared to be a good stock of equipment and spares. The staff couldn't have been more helpful and friendly even if was a Saturday. I think my 100kg of lime has reduced their stocks but I won't need it until January so plenty of time to get it shipped. 

The pool at the Dusit is a nice relaxed space apart from the sounds of traffic which to be honest is hard to escape anywhere in Manila, there is also a new gym since my last visit but I have no plans to visit that 

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