Friday, 4 December 2015

Odd things about Chuuk

It's been a few days so here are a few more Chuuk facts. Number plates appear to be optional. I have not seen a car with a front number plate and quite a few with no rear plates as well, I suppose on such a small island there would be no escape any way and most of the traffic drives at walking pace. 
I had a trip into Weno the nearest town a few days ago and that was an interesting experience. It's about 5k and took about 30 minutes. There are only two smooth sections of road and they are no more than 100 yards long the rest is pitted with deep ruts and holes some s few feet deep and around 20ft long so it's very slow progress, made a bit worse bey being stuck behind the school bus, just like the one in the Simpsons, for part of the way. 

Weno as a town is all low rise max 2 story buildings,  a few hotels and shops, most are more small road side stalls but there are a couple of larger convenience stores but nothing like you would see in the UK, more the Tesco Local than a supermarket. There is also a small port and a water taxi dock given the state of the roads many people just travel by water, both around the island and to some off other local islands in the atoll. 

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