Friday, 4 December 2015

Independent diving with Blue Lagoon

I'm now diving independently with the Blue Lagoon dive centre which seems to be working ok. The first day I had the boat to myself we went off todo some of the plane wrecks the are off Etan Island, the first one we dived was a Betty 2 engined bomber which is about 150m off the island and sits in about 20m and is mostly intact from the wings back, considering the plane must have crashed quite hard as the engines are about 50 on from the plane where the sheared off and carried on and the nose is also quite damaged. 

The second plane was the Emily flying boat which is a large 4 engined plane which sits between Etan and Dublon island the wreck is upside down and very broken up but this is probably not due to a high speed crash as all 4 of the engines are still in position along the wings only having fallen from the wing as the steel bolts holding them  to the wing corroded over the years and the propellor blades are still straight and not bent back as they would be if it had hit the water hard.    Many parts like the instruments have been pulled from the wreck over the years and now litter the sea bed around the site making it well worth a rummage to see what can be found and identified. 

Plane wrecks make a nice change from some of the ships, partly because they are compact and good to dive even when the visibility is quite poor, also being aluminium there is less corrosion and marine growth or coral so even the smaller parts are easy to identify even if they have been removed by divers and dropped around the wreck over the years. 

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